Best SEO Advice for B2B Companies 

Best SEO Advice for B2B Companies 

Technical SEO strategies is one of the most overlooked aspects of B2B websites. There are generally many possibilities to make technical improvements to your site that can provide your rankings a modest boost, from broken interlinks to nonexistent 301 redirects to poor site performance. As a top SEO agency in Australia, we have gather experience locally and internationally, and we know what works and what doesn’t. Hence, we have put out some valuable insights here that will greatly improve your business ranking on search engines.

Industry Connections

While you’ve probably gotten links from numerous directories pertaining to your specific industry, have you looked into gaining links from the types of businesses you serve? For example, although we are a SEO agency, we often publish contents that help different types of businesses that require seo services to scale on search engines. Seldomly, publish contents for various sorts of businesses which include companies that can provide a variety of outside services. So, when it comes to link building, think outside the box to see what’s out there!

User Intent Matching

If you sell digital watches, for example, does your landing page for that service include information that search engines would consider useful if someone searched for “Wrist watch,” or does it not provide data on the product and what it entails? As a professional SEO service provider, most of our contents and web pages includes keywords on “SEO agency”, “SEO company”, “ Australia SEO agencies” and similar keywords, why? Because such keywords describe our services and location of operation. Click here how to optimize for Google’s Featured Snippets.

Best SEO Advice for B2B Companies 

Put yourself in the position of your customers and do some research on the terms you want to rank for. You’ll be able to understand why your competitors are ranking higher than you and how they’re matching user search intent better. You’ll be able to find strategies to improve with this information at your disposal.

Respond to customer inquiries

Publishing material that assists your customers with areas of your business is a similar approach to matching user intent. You can work with sites like Google Trends to find out what kinds of questions people are looking for and how you can help them find answers. After that, you can use the new content in social media, emails, and link building after it’s published on your blog.

Updates to Search Engines

Did you know that Google adjusts its algorithm and makes adjustments to its search engine on a regular basis? It’s critical for your SEO strategy to be aware of these changes, particularly if you notice changes in your ranks. Staying informed can be as simple as following top professionals on social media or signing up for email newsletters. Other way to make sure you stay abreast of every updates from search engines is to have a local SEO agency involve in your SEO works.

Best SEO Advice for B2B Companies 

Perform a conversion optimization audit

You need good ways for potential clients to contact you in order for your SEO strategies to be as successful as much as possible. Checking your conversion rate and refining your sites to help raise it by adding forms, CTAs, or even chatbots is one of the most common ways to do this.

Experiment with titles and descriptions

When was the last time you updated your site’s information and header titles? Sometimes the tiniest keyword modification or increase in character count is all your landing page needs to rise up in the search rankings! To see if it helps, try experimenting with longer titles and descriptions.

Image Search Optimization

Some user don’t have the full idea of the keywords to use for the product or service they want to look up on search engines.  Hence, they usually opt for image search on Google and other search engines. Make sure that as part of your SEO strategy, all the images on your website should be described with relevant keywords that can make it display on search engines in the right categories when users are using the image Search features.

Don’t Forget to Use Schema

Google enjoys showing the searcher exactly what they’re looking for. Schema markup is becoming more crucial than ever, because to recent changes in search results. Let’s look at some of the most recent Google trends, such as Rich Snippets, Answer Boxes, AMP results, local companies, and reviews.

Best SEO Advice for B2B Companies 

Schema aids in the understanding of your website by search engines and ensures that your B2B brand is displayed appropriately to users. If Google decides to show those types of results, this can help you appear in Google Answer Boxes and Rich Snippets.

Mobile-Friendliness Isn’t Just Responsive Design

While a responsive website design is a wonderful place to start when it comes to mobile, there’s a lot more to it. Keep in mind that your website’s content may be viewed on a mobile device while you create and optimize it. This is why features like font size, multimedia content, site layout and navigation, content load speeds, and conversion optimization are vital to consider.

Google’s current stance on mobile is for business and agency to produce a responsive site. Responsive websites are more likely to rank higher in mobile searches. In fact, they now label sites that look good on mobile devices as Mobile friendly. Google has also started penalizing sites that aren’t mobile friendly in mobile search.

Make Your Website Safe

Search engines are making it a priority to create a more secure search experience, even going so far as to suggest that safe domains would receive a ranking boost and that secure sites will be noted in results.

Although switching to HTTPS may have a short-term impact on organic traffic, it is the best long-term SEO decision. Google has announced that unprotected sites would be flagged in search results, in addition to using HTTPS as a ranking signal.